Workplace Changes Affect More Than Business Owner
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Workplace Changes Affect More Than Business Owner

Business changes affect employees

When you own a business, over the years it may become necessary to make certain changes. However, changing how the business operates should never be made simply for the sake of making changes. While every business will often have to change to meet the current business climate, no change should be made in haste.

Whenever a change is contemplated, every ramification of how the business will be affected will need to be thoroughly contemplated. First on the list of things to consider in changes to the workplace should be how the change will affect the business stakeholders. This is not limited to investors. Employees, customers and suppliers are all stakeholders in the business and how the changes will affect them also requires consideration before effecting the change.

Something as simple as changing the hours of operation can have an affect on the future of the business. Employees, if they have a family, may have issues with working different hours. Suppliers may not always be able to change their delivery schedules to meet your new hours and some of the customers may not appreciate having to change their shopping habits to meet the new hours of operation.

One of the best ways to determine how proposed workplace changes will affect stakeholders is simply to ask them…before instituting the change. Ask for feedback on the proposed change will affect their business or their lives. Undoubtedly, there will be both positive and negative feedback from each of the stakeholders, but since the business depends on their accepting any changes made, knowing up front how the business will be affected can stave off any sudden surprises.

It could be the feedback will offer some insight the business owner failed to see when contemplating the change. This information can be used to adjust the change to meet the needs of the many people who will be affected. Business owners may take the stand that since it's their business they can do as they wish. This may be true, but the owners must consider that buying their products or services is a choice made by their customers and there may be some business lost during the change.

On the flip side, there may be some business that is gained, which could be an improvement over the business lost. However, unless the business owner asks, they will not know what the future holds. Changes could also result in the loss of trusted employees, if they cannot work around their schedule at home to accommodate the new business hours. Business owners must be ready to accept the idea of losing employees and having to hire and train new ones to take their place.

Workplace changes should also not happen overnight. Not only does this give the perception that little thought was put into the change, but giving advance notice allows stakeholders to adjust to the new business change. Suppliers may need time to rearrange delivery schedules and workers may need time to arrange for home care or transportation in order to remain on the job.

Completely thinking through how the proposed change will affect all concerned will ensure the steady flow of the business as well as help keep dedicated employees, suppliers and customers remaining as part of the business team.

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Comments (1)

I agree. Changes should be carefully thought out. One of my friend's company is has changed their computer system and how it works. Everyone is having to learn it, and my friend just cannot grasp it. She is considering resigning from her job because she cannot operate the system. I have no idea what kind of system it is, but she says it is terrible.