Top Topics to Avoid at Work
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Top Topics to Avoid at Work

There are some conversations that don't belong to the workplace. Know the top topics to avoid at work by reading more...

You can choose your friends but you cannot choose your co-workers.  Sad but true; and as much as you would like to get along with everybody, chances are there is at least one person in the workplace who grates on you for being ill-mannered. And you would wish that that person would just disappear according to the author of "Your Workplace Manners."

Workplace manners

According to a managing director of a leading British Consultancy firm, avoiding bad manners at work is such a simple thing to do and can have a dramatic impact on improving your workplace environment and your relationship with others.  Manners are an essential  part of the image you project at work.        

Confirm first

Gossip is an unavoidable presence in all workplace.  But is it an unwelcome one?  Of course damaging gossip is unwelcome anywhere as is gossip that spreads false information.  Before you act on something you hear, confirm first that it is true.  A lot of what come through is downright false.  Remember the game telephone?  You whisper something to the person next to you and he or she whispers what he/she thinks you said to the next person and so on.  Then the last person in the chain says it loud.  The original sentence was repeated by the first person comparing it with the last persons' is quite different!


Topics to avoid at work

According to a renowned author, be very careful about telling even a trusted coworker anything that you would not want everyone to know.  You may be great keeping secret, but not everyone is so virtuous.

There are some conversations that don't belong in the workplace.  Topics include those that could become fodder for the office gossip.  You should avoid lengthy discussions about controversial subjects.  Further a researcher revealed that  staying away from discussing the topics will make your work life a lot of easier.


An author of "Top 6 Topics to Avoid Discussing to Work" shares the following topics to avoid at work:

  • Political issues.  This is a sensitive issue, particularly around election time.  While you may feel very strongly about your political party or candidate, or have a negative views about the opposition, you should not try to win your co-workers over to your point of view.
  • Religion.  Religion is a very personal issue and people are very sensitive about it.  You should not discuss your religious beliefs and your thoughts about other religion at work.  They don't want to hear that you disagree with their religious beliefs.  Do not insist that your religion is the one in which everyone should believe.
  • Greener pastures.  Talking about how you want to move on to something bigger make your boss and co- workers question your loyalty to your current job.  If you are interested in moving up within your current organization do your job exceptionally well.  Your action should speak louder than words.
  • Health problem.  Health problem  should be discuss with your employer.  Do not dwell on your health problem at work.  You will give your boss and co-workers reason to wonder if an illness will keep you from doing your job competently, if you do.
  • Family problems.  When you discuss problems with your family, your co-workers and your boss may wonder if those problems are distracting you from doing your job.  Talking  about your problems with your family will only reveal your weakness.
  • Your sex life.    You should not talk about your sex life.  It's no one's business other than yours and your partner.  Other than that, it makes people uncomfortable too.



           Samson, Mireille. "Your place Manners."  Woman home companion  13 July 05

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