Office Affairs
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Office Affairs

You may feel you have found your soul mate in the office, and urge to brush bodies in the corridor, or steal a kiss in the stairway, can be overwhelming. Do not do it, says a relationship expert. No matter what the rules are in the workplace, it will be helpful for you if you take things slow. Know some office romance tips shared from a renowned author before you say yes to your office mate suitor.

You may feel you have found your soul mate in the office, and the urge to brush bodies in the corridor, or steal a kiss in the stairway, can be overwhelming.  Don't do it, says a relationship expert.

You must have heard countless stories of couples who met and began their romantic relationships in the workplace.  Falling for your office mate is not easy, things are more complicated by far.  Office romance can easily and adversely be affected by merciless office humors.  It can make you loss your job if you picture the worst possible outcome says a renowned author of  "Will You Go Steady With Your Office mate?"

Having an affair

Some offices make it clear that dating among office mates is strictly forbidden while some have conditions to fullfill.  No matter what the rules are in the workplace, it will be helpful for you if you take things slow and know few things you should remember should you decide to say "yes" to that persistent office mate-suitor of yours.


Office romance tips

  • Don't be too showy. Don't give them the opportunity or do anything that may start rumors about your closeness.  Too much public display of affection may attract the attention of your office mates.  You do not want to live within your workplace that trigger nasty rumors about you and your boyfriend.  You cannot just tell them to mind their own business nor just ignore them, either.
  • Work performance.  Perform your work better.  Be more efficient.  If you think you've given your company something better give them your best.  And that will surprise them.  Do not give your boss the chance to think that because of your boyfriend-office mate, you're becoming less efficient because he's always right beside you.
  • Know who to trust Don't tell anyone in the office of the things share only with your best friend.  According to psychologist, sometimes, the one who appears to be most sympathetic is the most eager gossiper.  Should you and your boyfriends's conflict bother you, solicit the help of your acquaintances or friends outside your workplace.
  • Continue dealing with your male officemates.  You can't stay away from you male office mates just because you're afraid that your partner might get jealous.  This is not a professional's attitude.  According to a renowned author as long as you're sure you are not flirting with men, go and deal with them in a professional way.  Tell him you're taken if someone proposes in case.
  • Fighting in a relationship. Do not bring fights to the workplace.  Sometimes it's inevitable that you disagree with your mate.  In as much  as you shouldn't be too affectionate in the workplace, you shouldn't be fighting either.  If too much sweetness  could trigger nasty humors, how much worse could your bad fights do?  Some office mates might fuel the fire.  So make it clear to yourself that no one's going to bring up your fight as long as you're still in your workplace.   Better off you have to postpone confrontation until both of you are away from the workplace.  Don't make your work suffer just because you feel awful.  Condition your mind that you have to be professional and serious about your work.
  • Breakup in a relationship. Breakup can happen.  Face the possibility of  a breakup.  After, you never be too sure as to who were going to end up with.  According to psychologist, make sure that should your relationship fail, you will end up not two aliens but will end up as friends.  If you cherish friendship while also being lovers, even when your relationship didn't work well you'll take care of each other's reputation."  ( Paredes 2000 )


Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do.  It can break the heart of both.  Love doesn't mean the two of you will always be lying down on a bed of roses.  But if your office mate-partner really loves you, he's willing to work out problem to make you his girl again.


Paredes, Arlene, "Will You Go Steady With Your Office mate?" CHIC (Magazine) 15 May 00

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Comments (5)

Great advice, it is always a bad idea to have a romantic relationship with a co-worker. I have seen the sad results far too often.

Trying to prevent office romances is useless. Besides, isn't everyone an adult?

If an office affair gets messy, the whole workplace suffers.

A very interesting topic. I suppose doing things the proper way helps. Sometimes an office is made for the right partners to meet just like in the classroom. Sometimes however you have to choose between an office/class or a partner/lover.

Thanks to all the comments...greatly appreciated...