How to Treat Your Envious Office Mates with Kindness
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How to Treat Your Envious Office Mates with Kindness

How to treat your envious office mates with kindness. Treating your envious colleagues kindly.

Isn’t it annoying that you have to deal with inquiring looks of your co-workers every time you enter the office or when you open your bag to take out your makeup kit or a mirror for a quick look over at your face before starting your day? These things happen and you cannot just simply swat it away like a fly.

Envious and nosy office mates can be pests most of the time. The type who can’t leave you alone and that always throw negative comments at you in every opportunity they get. They cannot seem to mind their own business and happy to see you miserable. Well, such is life. You have to deal with them, either way.

Ignoring slight verbal abuse can pass for a 'Miss Patient' sometimes. You just let them be, as if you are not taking any of it. Testing your patience can be a game. But if things get out of hand, you will have to deal with it head on.

You can either talk to them privately or ask for a mediation from another co-worker. Sitting down and discussing the issues will make them aware that what they are doing is really uncalled for and unethical in any work environment.

Talking to your office mates on what seem to be the problem will give you the chance to clear up an issue, if there’s any, really. Chances are, these pests are just envious of you. For what you have or what you are. Well, it is normal. Office politics is probably as old as mankind. It is a human nature to pull you down when you are soaring high. The best way to beat them is to treat them kindly. Let them eat the dust.

Try accommodating them and offer help when you think you can. By getting them into your side will make them realize that you are really a simple and approachable person and that picking on you is just simply pathetic.

Share with them your beauty tips and regimen. It is something that most women love to do. By sharing, it will give them the idea that they are somehow beginning to find a friend in you, rather than a foe.

By sending a message that you won’t be affected by their mischief will make them realize that picking on you is worthless. With any luck, they may try to imitate you in an attempt to reach the same status you are in. Not only you have beaten them, you also get to rescue them out of their misbehavior.

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Comments (4)


Whenever I've encountered anything like this, I simply ended up quitting the job. Interesting read. Voted and appreciated.

nice approach.

Excellent tips. Hostility is always in progress at the office, shake your mates out of their comfort zone and you have an enemy.