How to Prevent Professional Jealousy at Work
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How to Prevent Professional Jealousy at Work

Professional jealousy among employees is unavoidable both in small and big companies. Some employees will always get ahead of you whether in terms of promotion or in terms of being appreciated by your boss more than you do because of his quality performance. DonÂ’t let this feeling pull you down, instead find a way to cure your jealous emotions, otherwise it will affect your work performance and productivity.


Professional jealousy at work is sometimes unavoidable both in small and big companies. This unprofessionalism could rise from your observations and feelings that your co-worker is favored more by the manager, often complimented for a well done job or promoted to a supervisory position. Arrival of new employees in the company could also lead to professional jealousy. Taking steps on how to prevent professional jealousy can build a better and peaceful working atmosphere necessary to enhance workforces’ productivity.

  • In an office setting, there are always employees who will be promoted to the next higher position as there are also employees who will either be retiring due to old age or resigning in pursue of a new career. In a situation where your co-worker receives a promotion, sometimes you suddenly feel a bit jealous, but don’t be. It is time to remind yourself that you are valuable and soon your time will come for a promotion. To remind yourself that you are worthy and valuable, make a list of all your major achievements since you start working for the company. This will help ease your jealous feeling. Also, refer back to this list everytime your jealous feeling arises towards your co-workers.
  • Sometimes, professional jealousy arises when you realize that everyone in the office is quickly receiving promotions and you are being left behind. In this case, you must remind yourself of your goals to motivate you to further enhance your work performance. You must give your best to improve your working life and must continue to go your way to achieve the place of where you want to be. Do not be discouraged and do not be jealous if others received their promotions ahead of you.
  • Professional jealousy within a workplace can be caused by too many reasons. In order to prevent this jealous feeling you must go deeper and find out the root why you are feeling this way. Let’s say your boss always gives compliment to your co-worker since he often excels in his work performance and as a result you hated and dislike your co-worker for that. The problem is you worry too much that you might not be recognized. By knowing the roots of your jealousy, you will be in a better way to solve it.
  • Despite knowing the root of your jealousy and still not being able to deal with it, you better seek help from trained professionals. It is hard to work in any working environment if you feel jealous about the positive things achieved by your co-workers.

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