How To Find Happiness In Your Job
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How To Find Happiness In Your Job

Remind yourself how your job helps you. Be grateful for the fact that your work brings in money to cloth, feed house and educate yourself and family. Know more ways how to find happiness in your job by reading more...

Here are ways how to find happiness in your job from the experts:

  • Attitude of gratitude.  Remind yourself how your job helps you.  Be grateful for the fact that your work brings in money to cloth, feed house and educate yourself and family.
  • Job challenge.  Even at minimum wage, any job, can be used as a challenge spurring you on to greater personal and professional growth.  Look at your work and challenge yourself to do the best, learn the most as you do your work.
  • Be aware of ways your job will be helpful to others.  According to psychologists sometimes people become unhappy and burned out because they lose sight of the fact that their work is helpful to others.  Carefully look to see what value your work has beyond providing you with a living.  How does my work help others?  Who benefits by what I do?  Raising such questions is an effective way of adding meaning to your daily task.
  • Overcome perfectionism.  The desire for perfectionism or do things perfectly is a setup for frustration and failure.  Remind yourself that no one can be perfect nor does anyone have to be perfect to succeed at work and enjoy life.
  • Widen your experience.  Don't expect your job to provide all the enjoyment you want in life.  Don't limit your life to your work, take a two-week summer photography or take a writing class for example.  By enlarging your experience you'll be enlarging your chances of living more meaningfully.
  •  Do it with class.  You can dignify any job by doing it with class.  By applying these strategies, plus some from your own imagination, you'll able to turn the routine of work into celebrations of love.  You can make your job a pleasure, not drudgery. Project confidence and marvel at the results, This can be done by taking pride in every task you perform and assume responsibility for it, including any negative feed back.  Carry yourself in a way that will garner positive recognition from superiors and colleagues.
  • Manage your time.  Do not become enslaved by time.  Master it and learn to manage your time.  Be punctual.  Plan your day and week in advance in order to gain perspective on an upcoming activity.
  • Be punctual.  Arrive at work 15 minutes early to prepare your things and get a head start so that you're ready to go when your work day actually begins.
  • Have a command respect.  Have a respect for yourself for your peers, for the system and for the work.  It is, in essence, a part of your attitude but is worthy of distinction.
  • Stay away from gossip.  Office gossip is a deadly weapon that can end your career as fast as you say "cheese."
  • Change your appearance.  If you've been haphazard with your appearance during the past years in the office, now's the time to change for the better.  Begin with your hair, you can cut your hair short to achieve a more confident, sophisticated look.
  •  Keep work area clean.  Having a clean desk with all your papers in place is a good way to show your boss that you're organized in every aspect.
  •  Don't worry be happy.  Smiling is contagious, and it will only make it more difficult for others to give you grief.  Have a bright and happy disposition.  Don't forget to settle your debts as your goal.


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Additional resources:

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