How to Deal with Office Politics for Socially Closed People
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How to Deal with Office Politics for Socially Closed People

A guide on how to maintaining healthy office relations

Being in an office has a lot of ups and downs, aside from the freebies and the privileges, the office relations is also a privilege you should have in your workplace to keep things healthy amidst the hard work a day brings into your life. But office relations can turn bad when you do a few things that would cause the ire of your colleagues, not only will you lose friends but you will be at a disadvantage if ever an opportune time comes like not getting any support when talking with your bosses. To prevent yourself from losing any more friends, here are some steps to keep your social life with your officemates healthy. No matter what excuse you bring, if you want to keep your office relations at its' best, then you have to do this even if you are socially awkward.

1. Read a lot of information - Whether it is about social norms, the latest newspaper articles or simple jokes to keep the conversation lively. Never be outdated, but rather be updated in life. Though, you have to choose your articles wisely or who you talk to about certain topics, it may offend them a bit if you do not tell a socially allowable topic. 

2. Refrain from running game at the lady officemates - We all go work at an office for one thing: making money and even more from our part-time jobs. We also have workmates who we like, though we do not know what to say to them. The answer to this is not to run game at her, just talk and make her laugh. If there is enough time after several days or a few weeks after, then tell her openly that you like her. If she accepts, then yes it's great. But if the answer ends in a simple rejection, then it's cool too because there's more people out in the bars than in the workplace. Same rules apply for girls too.

3. Rule of confidence - as what one of my officemates would say, it's alright to be confident. But what's not cool is being overconfident. Arrogance, in any form shouldn't be used as an excuse. Know your limits and your place, it will take you a long way to better office relations. Be confident, just don't push it too hard.

Protip: Admit that you have wrongs, fix them and you will make your life improve for the better.

And lastly, always have fun when you go to the water cooler to talk to your friends. It makes the office have a brightened outlook compared to doing the work all by yourself at work. Also, open up to other people no matter what fear you have about office relations, always open up and make yourself accommodating.

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