How to Deal With Difficult Bosses
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How to Deal With Difficult Bosses

If you are new in the office, try to learn your boss strength and weaknesses and then work around them. In time you will realize how bearable working with them could be.

If you're new in the office, try to learn your boss' strength and weaknesses and then work around them.  In time you'll realize how bearable working with them could be.

How to work around your boss shares from the experts:

  • Obscene jokes.  Green jokes are found everywhere, even in the office.  If your boss suddenly said one in front of you and it's not your cup of coffee, just smile and show slightest amusement.  Try to discourage it by not adding up your own collection of little green jokes.  That way you have not embarrassed him and he will think you have an open mind.
  •  Social blunder.  After lunch if you know that a bit of parsley is stuck in your boss teeth don't hesitate to tell him about it immediately.  If he has been walking around from the bathroom, unaware of the wet tissue stuck under his shoes, approach him immediately and step on the remaining tissue on sight.
  • Spelling check.  Don't assume that your boss knows everything and is always right.  They are also capable of making mistakes and that it includes grammatical errors and spelling.  Always check their copy before printing or giving it to others to save him from embarrassment.
  • VIP visits.  If your boss is relaxing or taking a nap, and the VIPs happen to look for him, make an excuse.  Tell the VIPs, he is having a meeting with an important client.  Should the need be a pertinent one, as fast as you can, get in touch with your boss and inform him about the situation.
  • Boss life.  Don't meddle with your boss' personal life. Just do what you are told to do and maintain the code of silence.  If people pressure you to divulge information, tell them you think he is a friend of the family.
  • Never agree.  Never agree especially if you are asked to deceive the bigwigs of the company.  Remember that honesty is the best policy.  If he pressures you to do it, threaten him that you will report it if he bothers you.  Or rather tell him that you would like to be free from the obligation.
  • Hot temper boss. Even if his moodiness irritates you, bear with it and go on with your work with the slightest trouble as possible.  You can offer some of the small tasks so he will have a lighter load for the day.  Your boss may not remember to thank you at the day's end but rest assured that he know how hard you tired to bear with him that day.
  • Drunk boss.  Nobody deserves a boss who usually comes tipsy after late lunches.  If he keeps doing it lunch after lunch, there's no other way than to talk to him about it when he is not drunk.  To avoid unnecessary conflict at work, ensure you are familiar with and comply with your employment contract and the terms of any relevant policies and codes of conduct.  Be ready to pack your bags or ask the personal manager for a transfer if he doesn't change his ways.  If you do feel that you have been dismissed unfairly or treated less favorably because of your out-of-work-activities, seek legal advice.



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