Are You On Your Way To Being Terminated?
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Are You On Your Way To Being Terminated?

Are you about to be terminated from your job? Are you in danger of losing your job.

When a company is considering letting someone go there is a certain protocall they will usually follow.  Usually the first step is a verbal warning.  However, a verbal warning does not necessarily mean you are on your way to be terminated.  In most cases it is just your boss telling you that you need to improve in some way, or stop a behavior that is not condusive to the office environment.

 In this case simply correcting the problem or following your boss's advice will make things better. 

However, if the verbal warning is followed by a written warning, then there is a good chance that you are possibly being considered for termination.  Take this written warning very seriously.  They will be looking at your very critically for the next 30 days or so at which time they will make decision as to weather or not you have showed significnt improvement or if they need to let you loose.  Some companies will give you a second written warning, but some will let you go if you do not comply or satisfy them after the first written warning.

Any knowledgable company knows that they can not just terminate someone without a warning, unless the employee is intentionally beligerent or caught stealing or something like that.  Most companies have a certain dispenary action system that they use. 

Of course sometimes a manager may just not like you for some reason even if you are doing your job to its best potential. This kind of manager will often try really hard to find thngs wrong with your performance and my constantly harass you for minor things, and give you a written warning the first time you actually make even a minor mistake. If you feel you are being harrassed by your boss, it is wise to keep a journal of every instance of harrassement, take it home with you at night so your boss does not find it in or on your desk. After you collect enough instances of harrassment you can then take your journal to the HR department to report it.  Doing this might likely anger your boss even more and they will likely just be sneakier or more devious in finding a way to terminate you, so keep that in mind.  This might also be a good time to possibly look for another position in another department of the company under a different manager. 

Keeping a journal of the harrassment will also help you if you decide to take legal action against the company for wrongful termination. 

If you decide to hire a lawyer be prepared to spend a lot of money and remember there is no guarantee you will win your case. It's usually just best to just file for unemployment and look for a new position. 

Keeping a log of the harrassment may also help you if you feel so harrassed that you feel you need to quit your position.  You can take the log to the unemployment office stating that you were forced to quite do these reasons.  In some cases unemployment can be received even if you quit if you can prove that the company treated you so horribly that it has had a negative affect your life. Especially if you have devloped health issues, or have had to see a therapist because you have been so tormented.

Warnings from a good stable honest boss do not always mean you are on the termination track, they are just dong their job and advising you, and you would be wise to do as they suggest.  If however, you get a written warning then it is time to really buckle down and do your job.  It is also time update your resume and start getting prepared for the possibility of being terminated. Perhaps it is time to cut back on spending and put a little extra money aside.  Many times employees do survive the written warning, and the observations that will follow, but if you should still prepare your self for a possible termination.

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