10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Manager and Why
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10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Manager and Why

Do you realize that there are certain things that you should never say to your manager? What you say could actually cost you your job. Although negative thoughts may cross your mind periodically, donÂ’t let the temptation overrule your ability to refrain from speaking it.

Do you realize that there are certain things that you should never say to your manager? What you say could actually cost you your job if you are not careful. Although unconstructive thoughts may cross your mind periodically, don’t let the temptation overrule your ability to refrain from speaking it.  Keep in mind that we are presently in an employer’s market and this means that the market is over saturated with qualified individuals who would love to have your job.  So you must be careful as to how you communicate your thoughts. Overall, you should endeavor to maintain a healthy relationship with your boss and keep your job. Take heed that you avoid saying these things that could possibly put your job at risk or damage your relationship with your manager. 

That is not in my job description

1). This is a common complaint amongst employees. Perhaps the other task(s) that your manager asks you to perform are not specifically listed in your job description. However, if the duties are related to the company business you could actually be called upon to execute them…especially if your company has cut back its workforce. In addition, you should read your job description more closely to find out if it includes “perform other duties as assigned” if so, this alone verifies that you are expected to perform additional work-related tasks whenever assigned by your manager.

Do you expect me to do this by myself?

2). When you question your manager’s expectations of you this might give off the impression that you lack the ability to perform assigned task. Apparently he/she feels that you are capable of performing the duties in a timely manner. Instead of complaining, you should begin working on the job assignment and if you find that you are unable to meet the deadline or have questions, you should inform your manager in sufficient time.  Your manager can then appoint someone to help you complete the task.

I don’t have anything to do

3). Whenever you find that the work is slow, you should look like you’re busy anyway.  The work will eventually pick-up again.  But when you state that you don’t have anything to do, or even look idle this will give your manager good reason to eliminate your position when it’s time to make budget cuts. 

I can’t work these hours anymore

4). When you accepted your job offer you agreed to work specific hours.  If you find that you can no longer work these hours you should look for another job that meets your needs. Otherwise, you could talk yourself out of a job. With jobs being so scarce nowadays, your manager may not be able to accommodate you. So until you can find another job, keep quiet.

I don’t want to learn his/her job (cross-train)

5). Companies find it necessary to cross-train its employees mainly because it allows for more flexibility amongst the workers to complete job assignments.  It is also most cost-effective to do so.  Thus making it mandatory for you to learn your co-worker's jobs and vice versa. Bottom line, you have no choice in the matter- so keep your comments to yourself and learn.

I can’t deal with the new changes the company has made

6). Understandably, coping with change is difficult for some.  It may not be easy for you to accept change initially…but you should at least try to embrace the changes eventually.  Avoid making comments that could annoy your manager.  Keep in mind that change is the norm nowadays.

This job is beneath me

7). When it comes to performing any particular task in the company, no job is beneath you. Even if you are overqualified for the particular task, you should not articulate this your manager. To utter such comment is insulting to your manager and the company overall. Also, your manager may feel that you need to start out doing entry-level work before assuming more challenging tasks.

The company doesn’t pay me enough to do this

8). Aforementioned, there will be times when your manager will ask you to perform additional job duties that may not be listed in your job description and you will need to follow through.  Your company is probably short staff and needs your help in other areas. Complaining will only cause tension between you and your manager and possibly your co-workers.

I can’t work with her/him

9). In order to be successful in your job, you will need to be able to work effectively independently as well as with others.  So whatever conflicts, personality differences, or unresolved disputes you have with your co-worker(s) you will need to solve them or else overlook these issues while you are at work.   Managers like to retain individuals who demonstrate team player capability.

I’m going to quit one day

10). Making empty threats to your manager about terminating your employment with the company when you are angry could actually speed up the process- by means of your manager terminating you before you are actually prepared to leave.  If you don’t have a job already lined up, it’s best to keep these type comments to yourself. 

Concluding, you should make an effort to maintain a good manager-employee relationship... think before your speak.  Try not to verbalize thoughts or opinions that could put your job in jeopardy.

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Comments (19)

This is excellent work.

Great job Donata. Well said. voted

There are people who really say some of these in my workplace. wish they would read this article!!

"This job is beneath me." This sounds like a conceited person. :-)

You have a wonderful composition here to review for business behavior. Well done!

Your first one about job descriptions is so common. What employees don't realize is that a job description is a guide of what the position entails and is not all inclusive. I started putting a "disclaimer" on my job descriptions stating that. Well done.

Hey Sandy, I like the idea of putting a "disclaimer" on the job descriptions. It seems that employees don't comprehend "perform other duties as assigned" or at least they pretend not to understand. Thanks for the suggestion.

Talking back to your manager with any of those would have you in hot water fast! Voted up.

I do agree vote up

Prolific article!

I am sure we all want to say those things from time to time, but you are correct you should never say them to your boss.

Very good points here.

I have seen and heard people do and say similar dumb things like you described. Whatever one's position is, they should know well enough about protocol. And you're right, now is not the time to say 'loose' things like you described or any time. Voting up.

I heard some of these lines from the people I worked with before. Some of them got kicked out and some resigned. voted up!

"that's not my job" burns my butt! My child told me that once when I asked her to help out on a chore, the core list was immediately removed from the 'fridge and I told her: "It is, now!" Very good advice. Outstanding. I'm going to figure out how to promote it right now!

right on the spot, the company does not pay me enough to do this seems common on my workplace, but nobody dares to tell the management literally

Well done. Everyone says things they shouldn't and in this case, you are bringing up very valid points! Thanks for the read. :)

Nice post. I like it.

Excellent points. I cannot say I love my job, but I do like the hours and benefits, and I have had much worse jobs. Overall, I am spoiled and would never dream of saying these things to my manager or supervisor! Great read as always with excellent tips.